CDリリース30周年記念企画「NOW & THEN」第二弾!
12/30 「二十歳の夜」の新録バージョンとファン待望の新曲「ロンリーハート」をカップリングしてiTunes Music のみの期間限定配信ダウンロードリリース!!!

また、年明けにはYouTube LIVEも!

CD release 30th anniversary project “NOW & THEN” second!
12/30 A newly recorded version of “Hatachi no Yoru” and the long-awaited new song “Lonely Heart” will be released for download on iTunes Music for a limited time only! ! !

タイトル:二十歳の夜 (30th Anniversary Version) / ロンリーハート
型番:RBFD-2201 (配信)
価格:Download ¥510 (Tax in)
M1.二十歳の夜 (30th Anniversary Version) Lyrics & Music: 石川よしひろ
M2.ロンリーハート Lyrics & Music: 石川よしひろ
Produced by Tetsuji Nishigaki
M1 Original Arranged by Yoshihiro Ishikawa & Masamichi Shigemura
M1 Additional Arranged by Tetsuji Nishigaki
M2 Arranged by Tetsuji Nishigaki
All Vocals & Chorus Performed by Yoshihiro Ishikawa
All E.Guitar: George Takai
All A.Guitar: Yoshihiro Ishikawa
All E.Bass: Masato Saito
All Sound Design: Yutaka Hori
All Instruments & Programming: Tetsuji Nishigaki

Produced by Tetsuji Nishigaki
Co-Produced by Yutaka Hori
Mastered, Mixed & Recorded by Yutaka Hori
Mastered, Mixed & Recorded at Rant Studio & Studio21
Art Direction & Design: YuTA P
Executive Producer: Tetsuji Nishigaki (Rant & Co.)